Printing 101 Notebook: An Introduction to Fine Art Photography Printing

Ron Martinsen
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Like many disgruntled ink jet printer users, Ron Martinsen had almost given up on getting good quality prints. He found himself averaging about $50 per 4x6 print when you account for all of the clogged print heads, discarded printers, wasted paper, and ink costs. However, he used the success of his blog to gain the support of Canon, Epson and many other major companies in the printing business to learn how to get great results. He also talked with the top print masters in the country and kept notes on what it really took to get a great print. This book is a collection of those notes that formerly appeared on his blog and now are available in a much easier to read eBook format.

During Ron's adventure he learned how to make great prints easily, reliably and consistently. Now you can too!

If you've always wanted to enjoy seeing your work printed beautifully to your satisfaction, then this is the book for you. Printing can be rewarding, but it doesn't have to be frustrating. It is the final and most important step in the creative process so enjoy reading Ron's notebook (and related linked content) to begin your voyage to become a true master printer. 

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